Kirby CMS

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Why should I use a flat file CMS?

Unlike the majority of well established CMS systems like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, Kirby CMS is different. It’s a flat files system so rather than saving information to a database, it stores everything into text files.

Why should I care?

Without the need for a database, Kirby CMS doesn’t need to work nearly as hard to display your content. Again, why should I care? This is important. Most WordPress websites, even the good ones can often take over 3 seconds to load. Compare that to Kirby CMS which generally loads pages in less than a second. This has a big impact on SEO and the user’s experience. In fact, Amazon recently reported that for every 1 second of improvement, they experienced up to a 2% increase in conversions.


Remember that time that Yahoo was hacked and 3 billion people’s data was leaked? How about when Carphone Warehouse’s data breach led to potentially 10 million people’s data being accessed? Security is a hot topic at the moment.

Databases are often the first and foremost thing that hackers attack. Traditionally, that’s where all the data is stored and is why they’re targeted so heavily. With Kirby, you’ve one less thing to worry about as there’s now no database to be hacked.


In recent years, Flat File CMSs (like Kirby) have become increasingly more popular. Small > medium size businesses in their droves are opting to use them over the usual default tools such as WordPress. Why?

WordPress is a great tool; there’s no doubt about it. It’s grown from a small blogging platform to a feature rich CMS in it’s own right. A lot of the time though, it’s overkill, confusing and unnecessary. WordPress has grown to become a one-size fits all solution meaning that too often you just don’t need half of the stuff that’s cluttering the blog post you’re trying to edit.

With Kirby CMS, it’s clean, simple and intuitive. Uncluttered and bespoke, it can be tailored to fit you perfectly.